The Best Lipsense Application Tutorial



There is a method to how you apply your Lipsense, follow these steps to ensure smooth application of your lipsense colors.mYou actually have to put on three layers, letting each layer dry for a few seconds in between.


Start with a clean dry lip, I would advice an exfoliated natural lips. wiping your lips with a cotton pad moistened with witch hazel but I find just wiping my lips with a warm, damp wash cloth to be sufficient.

For the first coat, remove excess product from the applicator and apply in one smooth motion from one corner of your lip to the other. You can start with the down lip. Do not sweep the applicator back and forth. Dip the applicator back into the tube, remove excess product, and repeat on your other lip.

How Many Coats should One Use?

According to this Lipsense Review, you need to apply three coats of the lipsense lip color allowing to dry for 3-5seconds before the next application. You can’t ruby our lips together or close your mouth at this point. Finish with a topcoat gloss to seal in the color and also hydrate the lips.When applying the gloss, you can sweep the applicator back and forth as you would with a normal lip color product, and once gloss is applied all over both lips, you can finally rub your lips together like you’re probably very eager to do simply out of habit!

The lip gloss is the only thing you might need to re-apply throughout the day, you tend to notice a stinging sensation while your lip colors dries, it is not painful in anyways but a noticeable feeling. You can choose to use a lip balm at night to revitalize that ur lips. You also have the option of layering colors to create a custom look. The application process would remain the same, you would simply use one color for the first layer, and another for another layer letting each lawyer dry before applying another layer. You can create the perfect ombré lips with this lipstick.

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